Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters for Sale, Hospital ER reports 161 percent spike in visits involving electric scooters

Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters for Sale Example, the Mad Twisted Tale Of the Electric Scooter Craze Cnet

The mad twisted tale of the electric scooter craze CNET from Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters For Sale ,

Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters for Sale, Hospital ER reports 161 percent spike in visits involving electric scooters – Like wounded electric scooters, doctors tried to document the trend many see as a growing public security crisis.

A detailed statistical picture of this crisis will be available for a year, said the ambulance, but some first samples appear.

In Salt Lake City, which has installed outlets in the city since June, hospitals reported that, according to recent statistics, a series of scooters had passed in the same quarter of last year.

Craigslist Used Mobility Scooters for Sale

Between June and September 2017, doctors at Utah Health University provided about eight injured scooter users, although it was probably personal devices and not electric vehicles owned by companies such as birds, limes, and jumps.

In the same period this year, this number has risen to 21, says Troy Madsen, a Utah Utah emergency medical department.

“Most patients have a scooter,” Madsen said, noting that they were between 20 and 50 years old. “It is interesting to note that more than 80% of the injuries occurred between 15 and 15 August of this year.

“It is interesting that they only visit emergency services,” he added. “Patients with minor injuries may need emergency treatment and the chances are that patients will be cured in an emergency.”

The hospital reported that half of the years of injury and dislocation of ankles, wrists, elbows and shoulders, as well as numerous cases of distortion and lacerations. Emergency doctors also treated more head injuries when they were injured.

Bird spokesman said: “Electric scooters are a new way of transporting, which is one of the reasons why security has the highest priority at Bird.

“We will focus on increasing the number of accidents, but it is not exactly comparable with the period in which thousands of agents are in dozens of cities in the United States.”

“The real dangers on our roads are cars,” the spokesman added. According to CDC [], about 129,000 babies are treated as car injuries in a year in the United States. Disadvantages of motor vehicles are one of the main causes of death [cdc. gov] “.

Emergency physicians found that their statistics could explain some of the electric shock scooters in Salt Lake City. First aid from the University of Utah is ‘very close to the city center’, where most of the tenants are, but there is still an emergency, Madsen said.

Emergency doctors have informed Washington Post that they are witnessing an explosion of motorcycle accidents. In seven cities these doctors regularly report “serious” injuries, including head injuries, caused by irregular surface operations or tilting, uneven surfaces and collisions with vehicles or pedestrians.

Some companies such as Bird Rely continue to expand their fleets. The company announced mechanical announcements on Craigslist that show that experience is not needed, as well as training for new employees via YouTube videos. Internet-posted videos show scooters with locked accelerators, shaky handles and loose brakes.

Last week, the medical research company in Dallas announced that a 24-year-old man from Dallas who had been killed by a limousine scooter on his return from work had died of an injury.

A few hours after Jacoby’s death, Stoneking was declared a victim of an accident. He was the first man to use the mobility device in the last few months, a 20-year-old country in Washington, hit by a SUV that drove up the ladder on Friday. Firefighters have worked on the release of Carlos Sanchez-Martin from Silver Spring, who was wounded 20 meters under the silver SUV.

The police said that Sanchez-Martin died after he was taken to the hospital.

Scooters have consistently emphasized that safety is a top priority. They say their apps and scooter tags contain basic safety information and training instructions. Bird encourages users to take the driving license and confirm that they are at least 18 years old. Bird asks drivers to report incidents to their scooters in the company and “has a 24-hour security team that will answer your questions,” said the spokeswoman. Businesses.

Lime, Bird and Skip offer programs that give bicycles to people who are looking for them. It states that drivers must follow instructions on “integrated helmet security” to unlock one of the company’s scooters.

“We recommend the use of electronic scooters with a helmet and emphasized this fact after you found a few head injuries that we treated in our emergency situation,” Madsen said.

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