Pacific assault Scooter Parts, Los Angeles residents are setting electric scooters on fire, smearing them with poop and burying them at sea

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Pacific assault Scooter Parts, Los Angeles residents are setting electric scooters on fire, smearing them with poop and burying them at sea –They put them in the bathroom, kept them and burned. They were even decorated with dogs’ bags that bred.

While the cities of Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, struggle to control the rapid propagation of electric vehicles from one to another, some residents take control and release a guerrilla war against the team. These vandalisms destroy or undermine catastrophic vehicles and celebrate their illegal activities on social networks, in the eyes of the authorities and the public.

“They drop them everywhere: in the sea, in sand, in trash,” said Robert Johnson Bey, a Venice Beach worker who regularly travels to the sidewalk in Venice Beach, Speedway and London. in neighboring strips.

“On Sunday, I’ve found a drawer everywhere,” Bey said. “Looks like they’re broken.”

Pacific assault Scooter Parts

Vandalism recalls a series of attacks on the machine gun at alleged Google buses in San Francisco Bay, and it seems to be partially motivated by the dread of the growing presence of technology companies on the coast of southern California, now known as the Silicon Beach.

Unlike the buses that bring workers to their offices in Google and Apple, destroying the scooter caused little sympathy and annoyance, not to mention criminal investigations. The Pacific Department of the Los Angeles Police Department received only a report on vandalism with a scooter, which led to arrests. However, the plaintiff dismissed the case. Police Administration Santa Monica said she did not receive such reports.

Lieutenant Michael Soliman, who oversees the details of the LAPD division at the Venice Beach Pacific Division, said he knew something about vandalism: his team saw a 10-pound scooter. However, since people do not report such incidents, this is not an official response, he said.

“If we want to prioritize the distribution of our time and our resources, we will give priority to the preservation of life,” Soliman said. “Property protection is in second place.”

Bird & Lime Scooters, arrived in Los Angeles a year ago, are considered a clean and profitable solution to traffic jams and are now the center of public and bureaucratic responses, especially on the west. Where they established a lively omnipresence.

In Santa Monica, where the bird headquarters are located, members of the city council have decided to limit the number of scooters on the streets of the city while governments develop long-term regulations. Beverly Hills agents have ordered his banning for six months. Last week, city councilor in Los Angeles, Paul Koretz called on authorities to take “all measures” to ban the scooter in the city.

While most technology enthusiasts expect criticism and regulatory requirements when introducing new, potentially disruptive products, they do not necessarily expect complete destruction of their properties. Nor do they expect the bloodshed to be celebrated and promoted on social networks.

The chaos for scooters without a platform, however, is on Instagram at “Bird Graveyard”, which likes to publish scenes and scenes that are burned, thrown into channels and covered with fragmentation and fragmentation. The account has more than 24,000 subscribers.

The head of the West Sider, fearing refusing the police to pronounce his name, said that more than 100 videos and photographs of damaged scooters were sent daily to the account. Only the most unusual will be announced.

Bird representatives hesitated to talk about this phenomenon, but they encouraged people to report episodes of humiliation.

“We do not support vandalism or the destruction of any property and are disappointed when that happens,” spokeswoman Bird Mackenzie Long said in a statement. “Further, we do not support encouragement, celebration, or normalization of such behavior.”

It is not clear how much the scooter is sabotaged in the streets on the ground. Bird declined to say how many of his scooters were disrupted, while representative San Mateo Lime said less than 1 percent of his scooters were destroyed all over the country.

Natanel Edelson, a mechanic who repairs the Bird in Venice, said he saw many scooters that disconnect cables and brakes. He repaired it only a few months ago, but said his friends, who are also bird mechanics, all independent contractors who earn about $ 15 per repair, repair dozens of scooters every day.

When Hassan Galedary from Culver City sees a bicycle for a bird, he caresses the stomach. The 32-year-old filmmaker describes this feeling as “violent bitterness”.

“I hate birds more than anyone else,” said Galedary. “They’re crap, people who ride them are crap.”

He hates scooters enough to challenge what he calls “rebellion” against them, throwing equipment in the Buckwheel Bucket Abbott Kinney and Culver City steps. He even imagined the shirt of a little girl on his head. Many of his scooter tricks are depicted in the story of Bird Graveyard.

Where does this contempt come from?

Galedary grew up in Westside and said he hates a scooter instead of appreciating the tradition of local surfing and skateboarding. He hates traffic accidents that cause them (Bird on Bird, Bird on Person and Bird on Car) and hates the way pedestrians can run on pedestrians.

“The city is already losing its way to gentrification,” said Galedary.

Although not all angry as Galedary, others agree that the sudden rise of a scooter has changed Westside’s character.

The sudden arrival of a scooter in Venice last fall saw others. Bird founder Travis Vander Zanden, senior executive officer Uber and Lyft, did not help, saying the company would be more “caring bird”.

“It’s a very urban environment,” said architect Kelly Boston, who has long lived in Venice. “We are all close to each other, we have to respect the space of others and this makes it difficult.”

Scooters could be available, residents say, but are everywhere, blocking the sidewalks and tearing pedestrians. They complained that motorists were driving in traffic without tracing the traffic sign.

Tye Donaldson, a bartender from Venice, has a complicated relationship with scooters. Twenty-year-old loves to travel, it’s “fun,” he said, and currency as an ecological means of transport. They are also affordable: it costs $ 1 to unlock the scooter and 15 cents a minute to drive.

Donaldson’s goal was to re-affirm his place in the community after a scooter attack, but twice at the Venice Beach bicycle trail.

The teenager driver drove slowly for the first time; Donaldson described the collision as a powerful impulse. He broke the wounds and fell on the sand. For the second time, the scooter ran at a full speed of about 15 km / h. He heard that he was approaching the back and hurried in time to grab the scooter handle so that he did not strike.

“I was firmly attached to the scooter of these girls,” Donaldson said. “I felt like I was in the” Matrix. ”

Donaldson states that speed limits should be applied to scooters in high traffic areas. But she does not want to disappear.

Of course, there are still those who take a sharper attitude.

Manny Torres, a postal company in Venice, has been in the news and news for several years. He said that the driver of the scooter often ran through the narrow side of Venice.

“I would not mind if they left,” he said.

Bird refused to say how much his scooters are worth and said the information was proprietary. However, similar motorized scooters on Amazon can be sold for over $ 1,000.

By law, real estate vandalism of over $ 400 is a crime. However, the risk of arrest only seems to have a deterrent effect on those who are determined to destroy the scooters.

Dan Ariely, a professor of psychology and behavioral economics at Duke University, said the technology challenge could partly explain why people tend to vandalize scooters despite the risk. A more probable reason, Ariely explained, is that destroying a scooter belonging to a company will probably not cause much guilt in vandalism.

“Think of Uber,” says Ariely. “Even if he’s angry with the company, he knows that destroying the vehicle costs the driver a lot of money.

“But if you destroy a bird, nobody will be particularly hurt,” he said.

Ariely has compared vandalism on a motorcycle with the rage of the road. When something annoys us, he says, it is natural to seek revenge to teach offenders a lesson.

The presence of damaged scooter images on social networks can also make reasonable their desire to destroy them, Ariely said. When people feel that vandalism is widespread among scooters, just as speed on the road is widespread, vandals can still be called “good people,” he said.

But, curiously, the rampant vandalism has led to a change in the Cedar Cedver City Bird Galway. He said he stopped playing scooters a few months ago when he felt increasingly guilty.

“As much as I hate it,” he says, “I can not put bad energy into the world, I will never knock it down.”

But Galedary does not leave his turkey out of the cold Bird High Jinks. He recently put a scooter in the middle of Abbot Kinney Boulevard and caused an immediate roar.

He said he wanted people to associate Bird Scooters with the insinuating Los Angeles dissatisfaction: a traffic jam.

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