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Pro Scooters for Tall Riders, The Best Phoenix Pro Scooters –Driving a motorcycle was a very fun activity. Today freestyle has turned into rage and has become a fun sport. If you want to leave your own driving tips and test your skills, it’s time to consider a scooter designed for such events. Tips for a professional scooter.

Professional scooters do not have the same characteristics as standard scooters. Professional scooters are made of durable materials and support speed and rebound. They also have a professional design that meets the needs of experienced drivers. In the market there are many brands suitable for professional scooters, including Phoenix scooters.

Phoenix Pro Scooters are a company in the northwest of the Pacific. The company is dedicated to the development and manufacture of professional luxury components and scooters. Likewise, it is managed by several professional drivers, so they focus only on quality products suitable for beginners and professionals.

Pro Scooters for Tall Riders

The company also promises the integration of the latest technology and the concept of scooter and its products. For the brand, driving on the move is not just a hobby or a sport. It’s also a way of life.

A good and serious free-style scooter knows what you need, and if you want quality, you can always rely on Phoenix departures. The Phoenix Force Pro Roller is a model that will interest you.

With a weight of 7.5 kg.
4.5 inches wide and 19.5 inches long bridge.
Concave Bridge
With mini-HIC, high-quality steel forks and Phoenix cover
Standard 31.8 mm clamp.
Contains high-strength steel T-bars
It has 7-spoke wheels with aluminum and metal core.
Contains ABEC 0 bearings
Urge 88A.
Phoenix Flex Brake

Model Force is ideal for beginners and advanced. Comes with a sticky control tube, 100mm wheels for quick and comfortable driving and a mini HIC switch. The bridge is 4.5 inches long and 19.5 inches long. This model offers an excellent balance so you can spend time mastering tricks or creating new ones.

The T-band measures 22.8 inches and have a solid dimension that can accommodate a growing cyclist. Trays are always ready to update. The elements of this model are manufactured according to industry standards that make it easy to modify and upgrade components.

All information was provided on a scooter, a top-of-the-line aluminum material with graphic selection of Pro-Team. Make sure all components of the scooter provide a journey of your life at any time.

These considerations are the perfect model for those who continue to grow thanks to a simple component update. If you want a high quality professional scooter that meets the needs of the child to develop this model is perfect.

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