Ebay Scooters 50cc, Vespa’s first electric scooter to cost more than $7,000

Ebay Scooters 50cc Appearance, Simson Sr50 –

Simson SR50 – from Ebay Scooters 50cc , source:de.wikipedia.org

Ebay Scooters 50cc, Vespa’s first electric scooter to cost more than $7,000 –Two years after the first announcement, the first electronic Vespa scooter will be sold in Europe. The parent company Piaggio stated that the starting price would be EUR 6,390 or just over $ 7,300.

The scooter is currently only available in Europe.

Electronic Vespa orders can now be made before the end of the year in Europe before the scooter delivery date. And China, buyers can buy a car only next year.The new electric motor costs almost twice the cheapest fuel.

About the new electric scooter.

The new Vespa scooter is known for about 62 kilometers per charge. Charging to a normal outlet takes about four hours. The battery should last about 10 years. Its maximum power is 4 kW, which is approximately the same as the 50 cm3 petrol engine. It has only one-third of its scope. The indicator light is located on the control panel.

Ebay Scooters 50cc

Electronic X.

There must also be an electronic X, a scooter hybrid version that was offered last year at the Milan Motor Show. X must be very similar to the electronic version, but it has a small gas generator that can extend the area to 124 km. The Milan Motor Show takes about a month. Additional information may be available at this time.

After the Vespa release, many competitors already have electric motors.

When Electric was announced two years ago, it seemed a rare source to the market. Vespa is now facing the competition for a number of already sold electric motors. Chinese launch Niu offers a full range of electric motors in China. Kymco, a Taiwanese two-wheel manufacturer, has also developed a scooter with replaceable batteries.

Yamaha and Honda also contributed to the development of an electronic scooter. Gogoro has expanded scooters that can be purchased and distributed in different Asian and European countries.


The Vespa line developed from the 1916s on Piaggio and his scooters. At the same time, there is a wide range of scooters and Vespa is just one of seven companies owned by Piaggio.

Vespa scooters have long been known for their extruded, painted and extruded steel frames. One unit has a full coverage, a flat bottom plate and a front glass.

The main factory is located in Pisa, Italy. Vespa is sold in many countries, including the United States. It is popular in the UK, sold in Asian countries and sometimes licensed in other countries.

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