Scooter's Coffee Franchise Gallery, Jaworznicki Serwis Informacyjny Stalowy sok³Å‚ 2012 Za Nami [foto]

Jaworznicki Serwis Informacyjny Stalowy Sok³Å‚ 2012 za nami [foto] from Scooter’s Coffee Franchise ,

Scooter’s Coffee Franchise, PARTNERS WITH FIRST AFRICAN AMERICAN OWNER – Julian Young never even thought about having coffee, he never thought of it. But a simple call has changed everything. Young and his wife Brittany are now the first African-American series in the franchise of Scooter’s Coffee.

In 2013, he founded the Start Center for Entrepreneurship, a non-profit, non-profit organization based in North Omahaers, which operates. Young knew the bad economic conditions of his community and believed he could change it.

During the administrative process of the charity, he saw it difficult for entrepreneurs who want to become entrepreneurs in underdeveloped communities, and the learning curve was incredibly difficult.

Scooter’s Coffee Franchise

“I knew that following a proven pattern could reduce the learning curve, so I reminded of the opening,” he said. At the end of 2014 he contacted Don Eckles, executive director and co-founder of the franchise Scooter’s Coffee, to explore the possibility of collaborating with The Start Center.

They immediately went to work and started discussing ideas to improve the community through corporate ownership. With the growth of their relationship, Eckles was increasingly hit by the youth. I wanted to help them do things in their private life by gaining economic benefit from the property. “It was a shift between learning and practice,” Young said.

Eckles said, “For years I’ve been thinking,” How can I make a difference in communities where you can make a difference? Successful companies have a duty to force the community to return something. This is a great opportunity for a positive difference in our community. I hope other businesses will also say, “You know what, yes, there is a good chance of successful business in North Omaha,” and help revitalize the community. ”

Not just coffee

Coffee Scootera already had offices in Omaha, Nebraska and across the Midwest, where the emphasis was on driving. “I tried to do something bigger, something for our community that goes beyond coffee,” Young said. I wanted to rebuild an old bank that is not just an excellent spot for scooters, but also a place where people can meet, plan and work: the real community of coffee.

In March 2018, the new Scooter Café was opened at Ames Avenue in North Omaha. Youngov’s goal was to learn all about the company without feeling overwhelmed by the immediate financial pressure of the new company.

The transition from ownership to franchising began in July. At the end of September, the owners were franchisees and hired 15 people in the community.

In addition to job creation, the store also maintains the promise that Young gave for itself: unifying the community. His coffee scooter was a catalyst for community events, meetings and social gatherings like “Coffee with a cop.”

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